As we know the leaves are turning color , that perfect fresh clean air awakes us in the morning and our first warm drink just soothes us that much more . Yes fall is in the air . Just as those leaves have turned to deeper and richer tones of warm honey and deep rich reds and mocha chocolate browns, it's time to bring our color looks into the new season . Add some warm honey blonde lowlights to your summer platinum look. Or beautiful copper tones to your luxurious red hair .
This is the time for color to be vibrant, richer , to be bold as it softly lays or our Peacoat . Time to grow out those short cropped summer cuts to hair with body and movement soft and romantic , grow out our layers to beautiful soft swept one length hair . Let's add some mahogany tones to our deep reds. Our deep dark mysterious brunettes let's become full of chocolate . Deep chocolate and mocha tones for excellent dimensions . Time to go deep , deep into the life of rich hued hair and flowing body .