From deciding between lemon or mocha cake filling to an empire or drop-waist dress, you make a ton of decisions while planning a wedding. And it's not always easy, especially when it comes to how you'll look when you finally make your way down the aisle. After all, it's the big reveal that everyone -- especially you -- has been waiting for.

While your guests may first notice your gown, their gaze will next go to your face and it's (hopefully) immaculate complexion. But will they see the same fresh face hours later when you're the head of the conga line? Maybe not -- since traditional makeup can fade without frequent touchups. If you want to skip stressing over your face, airbrush makeup might be an option to consider.

Spray-on makeup isn't just for stars prepping for a full day of filming anymore. And when it's done right, it looks natural, feels light, and lasts longer. But for those that have never sat down for an airbrush session, choosing between this method and the makeup you're familiar with isn't a simple call to make. So we went to the experts -- makeup artist Levi Vieira and TEMPTU Lead Global Artist Cory Bishop -- to find out what you should know before you take the leap.

- With normal makeup, applying and blending each product to perfection can eat up time. But "airbrush makeup does all the blending for you," says Bishop, so it's much faster to apply.

- Over-applying is a common mistake. Since airbrush makeup blends automatically, spraying until you see the product is not the way to go. "We must focus on the flaws while we are applying it, and we need to stop when we no longer see those flaws on the skin," says Vieira. So do a trial run with your makeup artist to make sure you're comfortable with her technique before your wedding.

- There are different applications to choose from, but Bishop and Vieira agree that opting for blush, bronzer, and foundation is key. "Airbrushing the complexion is the most important thing for your wedding day," says Bishop. You can use regular makeup for your eyeshadow, liner, etc.

- Find out which formula will be best for you in particular. Vieira recommends trying a silicone-based one, which he uses on his clients. He says, "Silicone helps disguise pores and lines -- because it's a filler -- and it is long-wearing. It will stay in place all day without oxidizing."

- Rest assured that anyone can wear airbrushed makeup. Vieira has used it on acne-prone, sensitive, and mature skin types. If you have oily skin and want more of a matte finish, he suggests using powder on top of the makeup to fully achieve this look.

- The seamless application process makes for a flawless look both in person and on camera. "Not just in professional photographs, either," notes Bishop. "Think of all the camera phone pictures friends and family are taking as well."

- Removing airbrush makeup is easier than you might expect. Bishops suggests using a makeup removal wipe first and then cleaning your face as you normally would.

Clare R. Lopez

Fun Bridal Accessories

Weddings can surely bring tears to people’s eyes. It is one moving and inspiring event that makes us want to cry. When we see the bride walking down the aisle, we cannot help but reach for our handkerchief and dab the tears welling up in the corner of our eyes. When the father of the bride and the bride dance together or when the mother of the groom makes a speech, any spectator can easily be touched.

But weddings are not all about weeping. Many modern couples want to incite laughter as well. This can be achieved with the use of humorous wedding accessories that can make your guests laugh out loud. Here are some examples of this kind of wedding accessory.

Funny Fashion Apparel 1. T-shirts – Make a statement with t-shirts with printed funny texts. These shirts are ideal to use during the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or bachelor’s (or bachelorette’s) party. To have this kind of shirts, you can buy wedding transfer iron on sheets that are available in many online wedding apparel stores.

• “The Bride is Mine” t-shirt • “I Survived my Stag” t-shirt • “I Stand Up For Brides” t-shirt • “It’s all about Me” t-shirt

2. Flipflops – The pair of black and white “Just Married” sandals is the perfect footwear for the couple getting married at the beach or those who have tropical or Hawaiian themed wedding. The nice thing about this pair of flip flops is that it leaves the words “Just Married” imprinted on the sand when you walk on it.

3. Hats – Couples can be playful with the choice of hats they use for the wedding day or any party or gathering relevant to this occasion. The Brushed Cotton Twill Crusher Hat, Wedding Party Denim Crusher Hats, Bride & Groom Cowboy Hats, and the “Bride” Angora Down Brim Hat are just few of the many funny options that the couple can use as head wear.

Comical Wedding Décor and Favors Aside from personal accessories, decorative accessories and wedding favors that are funny in nature are also available to spur some laughter among the guests attending the wedding.

1. Table napkin – There are stylized personalized napkins available in various online wedding stores. You can have your initials printed on them or have a funny quote like “We are tying the knot (around our necks!)” or “Here comes the bridezilla, all dressed in white!” Of course, when choosing comical quips to put on the napkin, check with your partner if he or she is up to it, as you would not want to offend anyone with the text prints on the table napkin.

2. Cake toppers – In lieu of the tradition wedding cake topper, funny cake toppers are making their way to the hearts of many couples. Some of the funniest cake toppers we have seen include:

• “Princess Bride Kissing Frog Prince” cake topper • “Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom” cake topper • “Golf Fanatic Groom Mix and Match” cake topper • “Still Shopping Message Mix and Match” cake topper • “Western Lasso Interchangeable” cake topper • “Love Pinch Bridal Couple” cake topper

3. Wedding favors – Give away a memento that will not only serve as a souvenir for your wedding but also something that can elicit laughter from your guests.

• Novelty Popcorn Carton (with prints like “He popped the question” or “Topped with love”) • “Sole mates” mini shoe polisher • “We clicked” mouse pad • “Love is cool” heart shaped mint candies

These humorous wedding accessories can surely turn your wedding day into a fun event that people will surely remember for a lifetime.

Source: Nina Lampe is a blogger for MyBeachFavors.com and she loves all things weddings, blogging, article writing, talking with brides and helping them prepare their wedding.

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