Women love hair extensions because of the high quality of these synthetic hairs. Indeed, hair extensions look like real hair, which is a huge advantage for women with a need for additional hair. Brazilian hair extensions come from Brazil but also from others countries such as India. They look so real that it is sometimes difficult for other people, when they see them, to know that they are both artificial and fake hair. Hair extensions are also known as shoelace tips or cold fusions. To apply these extensions, hair stylists usually use either a pulling tool or a hook. This allowed them to pull their clients’ hair through a small micro ring. Brazilian hair extensions are then inserted into the micro ring, which gives a natural result at the end of the process. Hair stylists also use special pliers to compress the micro ring. This compression will hold the Brazilian hair extensions in good place. After the positioning of the Brazilian hair extensions, the hairstylist will proceed to the arrangement of the hair itself. The main advantage with Brazilian hair extensions is that women can request any hairstyle, regardless of its type. Indeed, they can do both wavy and straight hairstyles. Women are usually impressed by the change of their facial look after the positioning of Brazilian hair extensions on their hair as they look like queens of beauty and their faces are very pretty to watch.

There are numerous varieties of Brazilian hair extensions. Indeed, women may find Brazilian hair extensions in several colors, from blond to black and from red to brown. It all depends on both their taste and what they need for their hairstyle. However, it is advised to ask for the advice of a certified hairstylist that can be found at any hair salon. One of the duties of the hairstylist is to perfectly know what is the best option for both the face and hair of customers. In addition, the hairstylist will take into consideration the health of the client’s hair, which is why most of the time they suggest that their clients do a hair treatment before the putting of Brazilian hair extensions. Some women keep their Brazilian hair extensions for a long time, which is not recommended unless they treat their hair on a frequent basis. Hairstylists recommend women to be very careful with the frequency at which they treat their hair.

However, even if all of the hairstylists like to present the different advantages of Brazilian hair extensions, women should sometimes be careful about real Brazilian hair extensions. Indeed, since the industry of Brazilian hair extensions is rising, there are many synthetic hair businesses that are also flourishing. As you might know, real Brazilian hair extensions are very expensive. This is partly due to the high quality of these extensions. Hairstylists recommend that women be aware of the existence of fake Brazilian hair extensions. Most of the time, fake Brazilian hair extensions are much cheaper than the real ones. The specialists such as hairstylists and frequent users of extensions can quickly identify fake Brazilian extensions due to their texture and look. Indeed, real Brazilian hair extensions have both a fine and light texture that are relatively easy to recognize.

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