Hair By Naomi Burton (TeamWedlock.com)
Makeup by Aria Seth

    Are you someone who is looking for the perfect hairstyle for the special evening out but not quite so sure as to what will suit your hair? Do you want to sweep every shining knight off his feet with your drop dead gorgeous look at the party topped with your crowing glory? The answer to all these questions lies in updo hairstyles. With updo hairstyle, you are just minutes away from becoming a style diva yourself. The best thing about updo hairstyles is that you do not need to spend ages to get one. Updo hairstyles are for people who only start thinking about their hairstyle just minutes before they are to go out. Or they are for those who are caught washing their hair when actually their date would have arrived. Yes - these hairstyles, you guessed it right, are for a vast majority of us, who leave everything for the last minute and yet want the best of everything. Wish we got everything as easily as updo hairstyles. 
   Contrary to popular perception, updo hairstyle need not be plain and boring. Thanks to all those people in the beauty industry, there are several styles which can turn a plain Jane into a celebrity in a matter of minutes. Take the Jennifer Aniston updo hairstyle for example. The very name of this style 'stacked ponytail', is enough to arouse your curiosity for trying it out. It is named so because more than one ponytail is stacked one above the other.
   Updo Hairstyles Choices Just in case you are looking for something more formal, something that would suit an occasion such as your best friend's wedding, try an updo hairstyle that again has a name that is enough to arouse your curiosity and try it on. It is known as "classic French twist". It is promised that you will be the cynosure of all eyeshairstyle that has this touch of timeless elegance about it. Then there are the updos that are bundled high on the head which are a choice of many women, just like the updos that are bundled like a chignon. In case of a bride, remember that the actual location of an updo can make a lot of difference when it comes to placing other wedding accessories. Whatever may be the updo style that you choose, you also need to decide on what to do with the front part of your hair. You can pleat it, comb it back, let it half loose or sweep it back with some falling tresses. It all depends on your facial
   Different kinds of updo hairstyles There are a number of women who also tend to go in for the front hair updos these days. There are plenty of variations that can be tried out with front hair updos too. Half updos
   Whatever the occasion, there is just about the right updo hairstyle waiting to be tried out. The internet is full of useful information and pictures on updos. You can always hop online, get to know about the latest updo hairstyle and then try them out yourselves. So the next time there is a special occasion, there should not be much "updo" about nothing. Updo hairstyles are simple and at the same time elegant. Try them today at Cranford Hair Company!
with this fairly simple features. are also quite popular. They are especially suited to women who have longer hair lengths. In this case the hair is bundled at the top with some locks allowed to flow along in a wavy manner.